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Oct 30

Republicans - Bad for the Stock Market

In previous posts, I’ve already demonstrated that Republicans are both fiscally irresponsible and bad for business - particularly small business.

Should it be any surprise, then, that the stock market also does better with a Democrat in the White House?

Here are four articles that conclusively demonstrate the difference.  The numbers they come up with are different, due to differences in methodologies and the periods they considered, but the conclusions are all consistent.   Market results are better under Democrats.  In the linked articles, the Democratic margins vary from impressive to astounding.

Just wait until the disasterous Bush II Presidency is factored in. Despite hitting an all-time high just one year ago, the Dow Jones Industrial average is now significantly below it’s value on the day the Bush regime started.  Even for a Republican, this a horrible outcome.

Notable Quote (from the Slate article)

According to almanac editor Jeffrey Hirsch, the presidential party figures are among the most significant he’s found. If the stock market were random, we’d expect such a result only one-quarter of the time. “I don’t know why people are convinced Republicans are good for the stock market,” Hirsch says.

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